Shanghai SG Optics was founded in 2011 and we have 61 people total including 38workers,9 in RD dept,4 in purchasing dept, 10 sales for international business and internal sales. With the CNC machines, interferometer, precision ball diameter, thickness micrometer, taylor hobson for aspheric and other equipment. we got a chance to highly increase the quality, and efficiency of the products. our focus is on quality, precise work, and reasonable prices to all. We supply a large range of optical windows, filters, mirrors, lenses and prisms more than decades in the optic business line.

We’re an ISO factory who can manufacture lens, filters, windows, prisms, wedges, sapphires with both CNC or conventional lens polishing at hand.
Whether you are setting up a laser experiment or integrating a commercial phonetics product, we have competitively priced high performance optics to suit your needs.  And also we are a strength suppliers which have many THORLABS optics.

If you have lots of optics parts requests, please consider us in mind.