Inventory optics parts

This optics part is for a Dongguan customer from Guangdong Province. The concave lens which is made from quartz JGS1, and the finish is 20 / 10, used on a 2W laser (with auxiliary camera for detection), the diameter is 6.3mm, and the center height is around 2.26mm, its focal length is 15mm, the coating thickness is 10nm while the material used is UV fused silica,its index is to be resistant to 808nm laser light .

And luckily we have enough inventory for this case, so we don’t need quite a lot time on manufacturing process, and it saves much time for our customer & also greatly help them make purchasing cost down a lot.

After the customer installed it on the laser and tested it, it is reflected that the whole machine works well under the blessing of our excellent optical components.

We, Shanghai SG Optics, have strong processing capabilities for optical components such as spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, aspheric lenses, prisms, windows, mirrors, filters. And our high-quality components attract customers from all over the world, we warmly welcome you, our honorable customers, to quote and do business with us.

Custom optics parts

This set of elements is for one of our Suzhou customers, incl. two isosceles right-angle prisms made of K9 material with a length of 40mm on both sides plus two flat mirrors with a thickness of 1mm. They are the key components of a rangefinder. It can convert a vertical object into a horizontal one, and then measure the distance and length.

One of the difficulties in this case is that the font after filling in ink is easy to wear, and the printing template is to be glued to the glass element to solve it.

After the customer has assembled the rangefinder, it is reflected in the excellent performance of the instrument with the help of our components with good optical performance.

Shanghai SG Optics, have been working hard for more than ten years since its establishment. The processing capacity of optical glass types, such as Crown Glass, Color Filter Glass, Sapphire, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2, ZnSe, Silicon, Germanium, has been continuously improved.The turnover is rising steadily, the quality of the components is excellent, and these have been attracting many overseas customers.

We welcome worldwide customers to come to negotiate business with a smile .