This product is customized by a university with us.

The special shape of the product needs to be completed by an engraving machine with good accuracy. The product is quartz JGS1, the external hand is polished, the inner groove is not polished, and the finish is 80 / 50.

The difficulty lies in the irregular shape, and the polishing difficulty index increases. Some components are broken because it is difficult to polish. But our factory has a combination of machine polishing and manual polishing. Therefore, manual polishing is finally used to solve this polishing problem. The customer was satisfied with the results.

Shanghai SGOPITCS is specialized in custom optics and stock optics.

We can do glass of spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, aspheric lenses, prisms, windows, mirrors, filters.

Glass Type: Crown Glass, Color Filter Glass, Sapphire, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2, ZnSe, Silicon, Germanium.

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Filters for medical analytical instruments

This is a filter customized by our European customers. Used on medical analyzer ,this filter coating index seems to be nothing special. However, with the in-depth analysis of our technology and the simulation test, it is found that the coating is with highly difficulty . This is why the customer searched more than 20 suppliers in China but failed to find one supplier. When our chief coating engineer took out the coating curve in the figure above and gave it to the customer, the customer knew we can make it.

The difficulty of this filter is that the band of reflection and transmission is too close. At the same time, it has a high transmission of 400-985nm and a high cut-off of 1020-1650nm. It is a great test for the coating ability of manufacturers.

We are happy that our team it.And the products was welled finished and delivered to customers.As commented by our USA customer, they said you are the number 1 among our 3-4 suppliers,you win our trust by your good optics quality.Our Shanghai SG Optics will be pleasure to establish business relationship with our optics customers.

Stock and custom optics for lenses,windows,mirror,prisms and filter.

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