Custom Beamsplitter

This inquiry of the beamsplitter is sent by a medical company from China mainland.

Their company produces many medical equipments includes:Digital slit lamp, fundus camera, projection perimetry and many other ophthalmic medical equipments.

Here come to us is an inquiry about beamsplitters which is used in a crack lamp microscope checker.

The beamspiltters material is H-K9L (CDGM),Incident angle 30°λ =400~ 1000mm, R <1%.

With rich experienced on optics manufacturing, technicians provide a coating curve for customer confirm after checking this drawings .This will help our customer to better confirm for the coating specifications.

 About the coating graphs we provide, customers are very satisfied.

Easy- commnunication and get the point will be important during custom cases.Good service and communication is our tenet of every customer.

When the customer is installed on a crack lamp microscope inspector, customer feed back that our beamsplitter works well on the equipments and sign a long-term cooperation agreement with us.

Shanghai Sgoptics is a rich experience in optical component custom factory, we provide preliminary proofing and technical guidance for all kinds of equipment factories.