Participate in optical optoelectronic Forum

On the morning of July 31st,2021, the fourth phase of the “Photoelectric Lecture Hall” sponsored by the Association was successfully held in the multifunctional conference hall of Wanwushe Industry Park.Our sales manager Rocky Chan was honored to participated in the association’s academic exchanges and listened to Dr. Liang’s talk about “optical superlattice crystals and their applications”

 We sincerely invite Dr.Liang Wanguo, general manager of Fujian CTL Photonics Corp.Ltd.,. An academic report on “Optical Superlattice Crystals and Their Applications” was presented. More than 50 people, including member units of the association, non-member enterprises of the industry and relevant staff of the association secretariat, gathered here to listen carefully to Dr. Liang’s wonderful report. The forum discussed the development of optics, the knowledge of lens and window, the application of mirrors and filters, etc

Learning alone without friends is lonely and ignorant; learning and communicating is knowledgeable and wise. Communication is a magic weapon to keep knowledge alive, and it is also a ladder for continuous academic innovation and development. Discussing and exchanging academic-related knowledge is the main purpose of all the optoelectronic people who are here today to get together. In the current epidemic situation, everyone sacrifices precious rest time during their busy schedules to gather together. They are diligent, studious and full of expectations for the content of the class. This is commendable !

During the lecture, Dr. Liang had clear thoughts and rigorous thinking. The whole report was smooth and flowing, without any procrastination, full of vigor and clear speech, with both academic rigor and passion for being a teacher. The photoelectric people present were also not slacking, sometimes showing approving eyes, sometimes wielding pen and ink to record suspicious points, focusing on them, and not letting go of any learning opportunities.

In the question-and-answer session after the report, Dr. Liang actively interacted with the optoelectronic guests present and answered questions patiently and meticulously. Dr. Liang’s amiable personality and charm left a deep impression on all the optoelectronic guests present, and everyone said that they had gained a lot. Not only learned professional knowledge and met more optoelectronic people in the same industry, but also further opened up academic horizons.

The whole event lasted for two and a half hours, and finally came to a successful conclusion to the warm applause of everyone. I believe that through the development of our “Photoelectric Lecture Hall” column, it can stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of photoelectric people to learn professional knowledge and improve their understanding of the industry. We hope that our column will be better and better with everyone’s care and support! We will meet again next time!

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